Create a Pleasant, Moderate Space with this “Temperate Chic” Collection

The “Temperate Chic” home collection has a clarity of style that will help to create an effortless decor.


First of all, these brown, beige and black striped decorative pillows will certainly add a special touch to a lived-in space like your study or family room.


This clean design will even assist in bringing about a pleasant informality in a neutral bedroom decor.


Essentially, if you like a casual flair, this collection will help to create a balanced sensibility in just about any room or area of your home!

Check-out some pieces from this collection:

Add a Rustic, “Taste of Turquoise” to Your Home

“Taste of Turquoise” is a collection that is both rustic and bold, which often gives an area character and purpose.

The pillows from this collection have a spa-like flair that suits any room really, if that is your style. They would work in a sitting area, home office or even a bedroom.

rustic decor

rustic decor


Also, these cushions are available in fade resistant fabric, so they could also be incorporated into an outdoor decor.

rustic decor

Check-out some pieces from this collection:

Add a Tropical Flair with this Colorful Collection

Pillows can add a pop of color to any space. In fact, this particular collection balances warm and cool colors with vibrant textures, to create a tropical feel.

Some pieces will even add a hint of vibrancy to a more sober or neutral decor.


These pillows are also the perfect complement to your lanai, patio or sun-room decor. This is while adding just the right amount of color to create that perfect spot for relaxation, entertaining guests, etc…