Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  KaySahai Designs is a boutique studio that originated with handmade jewelry, including selling periodically at local events and flea markets in the Central Florida area. Today the catalog includes a collection of lifestyle products, as well as custom design services.

The KaySahai Designs customer is holistic. They also value work-life balance. So while this studio delivers products with a focus on accessories, fundamentally what it encourages is well-being.


Create a Pleasant, Moderate Space with this “Temperate Chic” Collection

The “Temperate Chic” home collection has a clarity of style that will help to create an effortless decor. First of …
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Create a Romantic Decor with this Collection

“Checkered Morning” is a versatile collection, which though understated at first glance, adds a calm, exhilaration to any room. This …
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Add a Rustic, “Taste of Turquoise” to Your Home

“Taste of Turquoise” is a collection with a rustic and bold look that usually gives an area both character and …
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Add a Tropical Flair with this Colorful Collection

Pillows can add a pop of color to any space. In fact, this particular collection balances warm and cool colors …
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