Create a Romantic Decor with this Collection

“Checkered Morning” is a collection, which though understated at first glance, adds a calm, exhilaration to any room. This soft ...
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rustic decor

Add a Rustic, “Taste of Turquoise” to Your Home

"Taste of Turquoise" is a collection that is both rustic and bold, which often gives an area character and purpose ...
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Add a Tropical Flair with this Colorful Collection

Pillows can add a pop of color to any space. In fact, this particular collection balances warm and cool colors ...
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Let’s Test Our Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. Let's test our awareness and further educate ourselves. Press play to start the quiz ...
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Refreshing Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Making a good breakfast smoothie bowl is all about balancing the taste with its texture. Essentially, the fruits, veggies and ...
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Ultra-Delicious Cocoa Tea Recipe

Cocoa tea is basically a Caribbean version of hot cocoa. Traditionally, to make this hot chocolate, the cocoa beans are ...
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the relaxation response

The Relaxation Response

It’s no secret that stress can have a negative effect on our lives. The good news is, understanding the relaxation ...
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Cod Fish and Shrimp Fritters Recipe

The following is a simple recipe for Caribbean-style salt fish fritters (salted cod fish fritters) with shrimp. Ingredients: 2 stalks ...
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At-Home Spa Pedicure: Create a DIY Experience

Is an at-home spa pedicure something you have been considering lately? Certainly, there is nothing like a professional spa pedicure ...
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