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Physical Movement: Fitting it into a Busy Lifestyle

Physical movement provides many clear advantages to the mind and body. However, today, because our lifestyles don’t always require lots of activity, in order to reap these benefits, exercise has to be an intentional part of our routine. Yet for those of us who lead busy lives or aren’t particularly fans of exercise, this can be a bit of a challenge. So the goal is to incorporate exercise into our lives in a way that is encouraging. This is while still satisfying time limitations, as well as supporting our overall well-being.

How Much Exercise Do We Need?

Godliness should always take precedence over physical fitness (1 Timothy 4:8). Still, the work and lifestyles of our forefathers demanded lots of physical activity. Today unfortunately, our society has totally changed. These days, most of us lead really busy lives, yet with barely any requirement for physical movement—which means today we have to consciously make it a part of our lives.

So, as far as how much exercise we generally need to maintain optimal health:

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), adults need a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity per day; while children between the ages of 6 and 17 years need a minimum of 60 minutes per day.

Why Is Physical Movement Important?

Essentially, there are many benefits to engaging the body in regular physical activity. These include stronger muscles and bones, better sleep, healthier skin, better physical health, and greater endurance.

A lack of movement, on the other-hand, can create an imbalance in our system that affects us as a whole. According to recent studies, this imbalance may even disrupt the body’s “circadian rhythms”—affecting the way our bodies are able to determine favorable times for moving vs. being still.

These studies suggest that a healthy body, accustomed to regular movement, will automatically prompt this person to rest after physical activity, and engage in movement after a period of being still. Therefore, when we engage in regular physical activity, we may be improving our body’s’ ability to calculate more appropriate responses.


3 Convenient Ways To Fit Exercise Into a Busy Lifestyle


walking for physical movement

This is still the most popular form of exercise. Walking in your neighborhood or a nearby park are always the most convenient outdoor options. If time allows, you can start a habit of using staircases instead of elevators or parking a distance away from your destination. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to walk at suitable times or it’s too cold, etc… don’t rule out walking indoors! One common option is to purchase exercise equipment for use in the home. Still, you can try walking in place or do a some laps around the largest area of your home.



dancing for physical movement

If you like music and dancing is your thing, then put on your favorite song (with or without headphones) and just move! Dancing also doesn’t require a specific place or time of the day. Yet a good time for this exercise is immediately after you arrive home from work—as it’s a great way to replenish your mood and spirit after a really long or challenging day.


Exercise Apps, Streaming Videos or DVDs

video for physical movement

Using exercise apps or streaming videos are other convenient options. In fact, there are many streaming videos and DVDs available on Amazon. If you are signed up for Prime, many are accessible for free. You can sit and watch a few of them before-hand and select the one you connect with the most. You can’t go wrong with a basic cardio routine.

Also, if you are interested in a Christian exercise program that merges faith with fitness, I’ve shared three options below. Essentially, these programs are all centered around faith, where it is used as a direct motivator.


The following are the three (3) options:

PrayFit is a 28-day program is about giving your best by scheduling time with the Lord and to exercise everyday. It may appeal to men and to individuals interested in strength training and/or building muscle. Also, it is essentially designed for individuals at any fitness level.

Sweating in the Spirit is an inspirational work-out that uses Gospel music as a motivator. If you love to dance and have fun while you exercise, then this program is definitely for you. It includes “gospel aerobics” workouts, as well as stretching, strength and Pilates training.

Wholy Fit is a whole-body fitness technique. Wholy Fit offers programs which integrate gentle exercise movements with worship and the Word of God. If you prefer a more peaceful work-out experience, then this is the perfect program for you. It develops you into “stability,” then “strength,” and “flexibility.”


Finally, like any exercise, the above options may require a little discipline to get started. However, it is all about becoming more and more motivated to incorporate it into your regular routine and lifestyle in a way that pleases God.


Always check with your doctor before making any major changes to your normal physical activities.